What to Expect

A few small signs and a friendly handshake were the only indications of a Church at the back upper room of the Weyers Cave Community Center. I’m greeted twice before I see the majority of the people. The hum of friendly conversations is all over.

It feels more like a family reunion (complete with a bunch of kids) than Church.

The Pastor calls in the crowd from their many conversations, promising them they can continue after church. Even as the lights go down and the music starts, stragglers want to get the last sentence or “Hello” before they claim a chair. We’re led in a couple of songs I’ve heard on the radio. Solid beat and strong volume get us clapping and add a bounce to our rhythm. As the last song ends we’re welcomed to “Life Christian Fellowship” invited to “meet and greet” those around us.

Several people introduce themselves with their name (I’ll never remember), a hearty handshake and a little inquiry about me. Just enough to start some conversation. Not that we have time now for it as we’re called back to sit for some information. The worship team (that’s what they call the “band” up front I now know) leads us in a few more songs. These are a little more worshipful and prayerful I think. They end and the pastor gets up and prays as we finish.

Then he preaches.

Each week we sit under the word of God together, opening ourselves not primarily to information, but to transformation. – Pastor Glenn

The message is full of scripture but it relates to me today. As he ends he invites anyone who needs or wants prayer to find someone to pray with. Several do that just where they are and some come to the front and are not alone long until someone is praying with them.

As all this is going on the worship team is playing a song or two more.

They end and we’re all released but very few are in a hurry to leave.

Conversations restart where they left off. As people wander out I’m invited to return but there’s no arm twisting. Lots of laughter and something else, maybe “hope” is what I’m feeling. Yeah, I may be back next week. I just might…